Government Shutdown Threat Was Fake

April 10, 2011


I just read it in yesterdays paper now.

You get up to date news only here on Take My Stock. I am a good reporter.

I’m on to you guys cause I know stuff a lot.

You think the plutocrats are going to shut down the casino or not raise the debt ceiling? Give me a break. This was choreographed like a Dick Button triple toe loop at the Ice Capades.

No way is CNN going to leave David Gergan drooling in the green room for weeks during a down news cycle. They have to fire up the reality show with count down clocks and bulbous headed pundits handicapping the losses that will be felt by people eating government cheese.

Forget it. Here is the deal.

I can see it now.

Phone call: “Ring ring!.”

Line 1: “Hello”

Line 2: “It is set up perfectly. It is me, Ben.

Line 1: “Yes. Fake government shut down, market weakens a bit then sky the pig on Monday. We are positioned perfectly.”

Line 2: ” This is Lloyd right?”

Line 1: “No, it’s Jamie.”

Line 2: “Oh. Make sure to call Lloyd and get him the info. He can jam the spoos still.”

Line 1: “These idiots fell for the kabuki Theater again. Unreal.”

Line 2: “Yes. They always do. Did you hear that beep? Is this being recorded? Moth…….beepppppppppppppp”

Phone goes dead…..

While Clowngress throws tantrums over 38 billion in spending cuts threatening to shut the government down over pap smears and the mating habits of meer cats, I have not heard one empty headed moron mention the possibility of reigning in the Slim Pickens of recklessness, the Fed, and their role in this mess.

It’s all about the “chilllren” as Jacques Cousteau said about the little baby seals being eaten by killer whales like Hot Pockets.

The empty suits in Clowngress are lower than used car salesman. Matter of fact they have descended below carps on the food chain of bottom feeders.

Wanna see a picture of Fridays floor speech? The one on the left is saying “save the chilllren.”

I am tired of the “look over there!” playbook on both sides of the aisle. I am sick of hearing children and grandchildren used as political footballs.

As if these vipers really care. All dressed up with glistening flag lapel pins and colorful outfits including spats and suspenders, the people representing us live in some alternative universe reminiscent of the Truman Show.

Throw me one of those tiny violins and I’ll play you a song after each speech. Some idiot in the House spent five minutes talking about frigging Led Zepplin on Friday. Are you farking kidding me?

How about Dust in the Wind you dick. That’s what our currency looks like.

These useless clowns threw in the poor troops and their families as political fodder and added a purple finger coupled with some bridge built on quicksand. We have a smorgasbord of reasons to drag this cat fight out for months without looking at the real problem. A reckless Fed bankrupting us and destroying our currency without any oversight.

Cut spending? Yeah. Sure. Better yet.

Throw the banksters in jail that caused this mess and shit can the Fed.

Just wait until they get to the debt ceiling which has been rising faster then a bottle rocket on steroids.

Will they mention the “chillren” then?


I hate all politicians. They suck.

A lot.

Here is my “we are number one message” to you Congressional douche bags that filled up 72 hours of CNN airtime to cut a fart only heard by ears sensitive enough to hear a dog whistle.



“Look over there!!!!!” ”

“Gas is 4.10 in Chicago!!!!”

But it’s all about the chillren.


One Response to Government Shutdown Threat Was Fake

  1. checkthisout on April 11, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    Yeah, gas over 4 bucks with demand relatively low, and supplies high. Can’t wait til summer. $5 is right around the corner.

    And they don’t want to talk about WHY. Why is gas, corn, wheat, gold, silver, cotton, EVERYTHING skyrocketing right now?

    Also, isn’t it crazy that the annual budget deficit is over $1,000 Billion and they fight over a $30-50 billion reduction? We are screwed. Until some adults man-up and take over the process and send the children to their rooms, the deficit will NEVER get fixed. And to be honest, I don’t see that happening with this congress/president combo.

    We’re just in a holding pattern til 2012.

    But hey, by then we’ll have the ipad 3 and iphone 5. Oh, yeah, and QE6.

    Can’t wait

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