Bernank: What a Peformance!

April 28, 2011

The title of the post pretty much summarizes what every CNBS paid monkey spewed after the first ever Fed press conference.

A performance?

With that said, lets look at the definition of performance. Point is this was not a press conference, it was American Federal Reserve Idol. To reiterate, according to the media, or brain dead ass wipes, this was a performance.

What does a performance mean? Let’s take a look.


“A performance, in performing arts, generally comprises an event in which one group of people (the performer or performers) behave in a particular way for another group of people. (the audience). Sometimes the dividing line between performer and the audience may become blurred, as in the example of “participatory theater” where audience members might get involved in the production.”

Translation :

Steve “Thank You Sir Can I have Another” Lies Man, who was wearing Kevlar knee pads, controlled the media message. The kool aide drinking pussy is likely getting excess TARP money wired to his off shore account and made sure every one knows Ben runs the United States of America. That said, I bet Stevie fought like an open handed mincing kangaroo as a child. Just a hunch.

“Performances, for example in theater, can take place daily, or at some other regular interval.”

Uh Oh. Klaatu barada nikto.


TONY DOW 15000 here we come.

“Performances can take place at designated spaces (such as a theater or concert hall), or in a non-conventional space, such as a subway station, on the street, or in someone’s home.”

Oh wow. How ironic. We are never safe from Ben Bernank and his performance. He performs so well.

Here is another slap head who blew the Chairman love kisses on Crapvision after the close of the big performance.

“Hi. It’s me again. Ron Insane. You know. The guy who wrote Message in a Bottle and a book on searching for the next Bubble. You see I blew up a hedge fund when I went long into the bubble number two because I know stuff. I took other people’s money and now I am rich and think the Bernank is a God. Matter of fact I am writing a book on it and it will come out right when we crash again. You will have bought the book already and I will get richer so I don’t care.”

“I love you. Ron Insane.”

I heard not one dissenting voice. I heard not one forward looking economist. I hard not one person who glanced in the rear view mirror and saw Thunderdome.

In summary, what a f**king performance! This was better than Tim Robbins in the Shawshank Redemption. As I watched Turbo Timmy and Ben answer the award ceremony questions for their life time achievements awards as jagoffs, I got goose pimples.

I had one last photo to share with you as Steve Liesman was the only reporter to ask the Fed questions after the hour of adulation. He looked awesome as his performance put Sean Penn in Mystic River to shame.

It is so cool that inflation has its very own Transit Story. I feel safe a lot.

What a day! What a week. I can’t wait for three more months to see Ben’s next performance.

Are you f**king kidding me? Performance? What the f**k is this? the Oscars?

Holy shit. What a joke.

We suck a lot. There is no stock market but there is theater. I bet Ben can cry on cue like John Boner. Just saying cause he performs well.

Move over Schindler’s List, the Godfather, Goosefellas, Shawshank, Glory, Braveheart, and Gladiator. No one can top our new performer, Ben.


2 Responses to Bernank: What a Peformance!

  1. End_the_bubbles on April 29, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    His future best performance is yet to come. It will be seeing his head roll off when a Guillotine slices it clean off.

  2. End_the_bubbles on April 29, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    The amazing thing is how everyone continues to believe in a system that has already collapsed. There is no “American Dream” – It was a lie and a scam. Even now it’s barely being held together with more and more fraud.

    Has anyone asked why so many people are being foreclosed? Obviously, because they don’t have the money to continue to overpay for an asset that is actually barely worth much of anything, especially when prices are not allowed to clear and go to where people could actually afford them. Keeping this bubble going only drains more wealth from more people spreading bankruptcy to more and more folks. Only the rich benefit from the Ponzi market inflating every day.

    Meanwhile, this scam keeps pressure on the real economy as people have little to consume with. Since the entire consumption of the last 10+ years was based on credit card debt and home equity extraction (NOW VERY DEAD) – why on earth would anyone believe consumption can come back with a majority of this country struggling month to month just to stay above water, especially now with considerable inflation picking up in the things the average person needs to survive.


    These crooked Banksters and THE FED (and even Congress) all need to get the ax.


    Think of us like Japan. They got hit by a natural disaster after 20 years of failing to “QE” out of Deflation – now they must slowly rebuild from what has happened and will actually never truly recovery fully.

    Our “disaster” was MAN-MADE, but the people who caused it have not been held to account and are in fact looking to (and are) profit(ing) from the other side of something they caused. THAT MUST BE STOPPED!

    Let the Tsunami of collapse hit us and we’ll all pull out of it and be stronger for it in the long run, especially after letting the fraud, corruption and immorality wash itself into the open – and then down the drain.


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