If Yahooligans Get It Cramericans Suck a Lot

May 18, 2011

Check out this headline and a few of the comments. Still think we ain’t playing a game of EA Stocks?

Oh, and fark you Jimmy Jones Cramit. You do suck a lot. A one decision pump monkey with no hair who sells books to people living in a van down by the river. A mania genius but a crying game sissy when crap reverses on him.

In essence, an insider wall street cockroach.

But wait. We are saved! Follow the glowing light to the steaming heap in your back yard.

Making a Meaningful Reversal?

Guess what organization would write a headline like this? I’ll give you hint. The top female sled dogs name at the channel/chop house sounds like Bartotonyromo.

Give up? CNBS. Crapvision. The Devil Channel.

It’s not so much that they (CNBS) wrote the article but more so about why the hell do they have to scramble your brains with a question like why the hell should I buy foulking stocks?

Is the rally real? Oh, thanks a lot CNBS! Are you real? Are you fake? Who is number two? Who is number two?

Now how in the hell does the wild wild CNBS west help me decide what to do the next few minutes since we trade in dog years? Is the rally real?


So I looked at the comments from this stoopid CNBS article and you know what? The Yahooligans get it. High five!

Dragonbuddy wrote,

“Stocks rally because Ben, the anti-Christ, Benanke says the fed has your back. Fundamentals mean nothing. Free markets are dead. Let’s reward the guys that put us into this mess. They caused you to lose your job, then sell your home at a loss to them. Stocks also rallied because we have 44 million Americans are on food stamps. As long as we have paper for Ben’s printing press we continue to rally!”

Love this one. Two thumbs up and very concise. You rule.

“Why is every CNBS crappy headline a question now? lol

Are they admitting they don’t know their a$$es from Steve Liesman’s mouth?”

Think about that for a second. Why does Crapvision always ask the question, what is an investor to do? It is Moo Hererra’s soccer mom concern line every time we crash.

Another Hooligan.

“I saw the title of the article and thought “wow this looks like a stupid meaningless article. I wonder if it’s from CNBC”.
And when I took a closer look….there it was.”

Time to get Tyler Math Up Son to tell us what to think!

And finally to get us all grounded, a voice of reason.

“This bubble will make the last one look like…another bubble!”


So there you have it. Our EA Stocks market in a nut shell. Get in the Game! And what is frightening is the Yahooligans get it.

Where are you Drano?


One Response to If Yahooligans Get It Cramericans Suck a Lot

  1. End_the_bubbles on May 19, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    We have gone full koo-koo again as witnessed by LNKD. Yet another social circle jerk where phony people can make themselves look important by “connecting” with other self-important goons spamming whatever fake “accomplishments” they have.

    The world really has gone completely mad.

    100% fake nonsense. 1999 called, and it’s very proud…..

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