We Are In the WTF? Bubble

May 31, 2011

OK, humor me for a minute. WTF is going on? We had disastrous economic news on the home front today and did a John Holmes into the close again. Personally I do not care as I think our stock market is not real. I truly believe with all my heart there is no stock market. Only manipulation by the plutocrats.

Go back and look at all the “perceived crisis long” holiday weekends. Memorial Day, Labor Day, July Fourth, Easter Weekend, etc. We could go into the weekend on the verge of financial collapse and make a turd smell like a lilac by Tuesday. Most if not all Tuesdays opened with a manufactured boner based on some bullshit that has nothing to do with my life or yours. Some swan crapped in the Nile? Up we go.

But the pigmen get richer on scam weekends. Just like today when our economy lost a tire off a four wheeler and no one gives a shit. The wheel flew off into the ditch going ninety miles an hour and leveled a Super Wall mart and no one flinched.

Then it dawned on me today in a sudden burst clarity. A light shone through the window and melted my Tom Petty CD. It was 90 out and sitting in the sun by the window but I still was mesmerized by my one brain cell left working.

Then it hit me. No one knows what kind of a stock market bubble we are in but me. We are in a “WTF? Bubble.”

You know, the kind of thing that makes people ask you why is the stock market going up when your neighbor is eating Hormel chili out of a can with his fingers on the curb cold and his family has not been seen in a month. WTF? Am I right?

You see the Hormel dude is a loser. I can identify big time. Probably a college grad with a work ethic that would kill but some plutocrat shit on him and Home Depot won’t hire him because he is overqualified. Plan B for chili man (get a job at 50) swirls down the crapper faster poop through a goose after eating a bag of McDonald’s fries at the library duck pond. Next stop for chili man, Fantasy Liquors and stealing cans of chili from the 7-11. Can’t beat Hormel. You are hungry and that crap is the the best.

All the people out there who tell educated 45 top 50 year olds to get a job after getting canned or failing in business, I got two words to say to you. Foulk you. Are you kidding? These people will never find work unless they move to China working for 5 dollars a day eventually jumping off ledges ten story high at Crapple Foxconn factories after their brains turn to porridge assembling I Phones.

OK, back to the WTF bubble. We had enough bad economic news today to sink the Titanic. Housing, clown puke. Huge hurl today supassing Jimmy Jones Cramit Bottom call from over a year ago as far as crashing goes. Why oh why did they take Whiskey Haines?

PMI, clown puke. Huge chunks blown on this one but no one cared again. The worse the news the better for rat shit stocks.

Greece? Whee!!!! I got a feeling…dat dat dat dah dah dah….that tonight’s gonna be a good night…

So WTF? Steve Jobs is gonna show up next week? WTF? That is good for 10 point’s on Crapple. This dudes waiting for the next I legs application.

Housing sucks? WTF? Lets jam the IYR ETF which represents real estate? WTF? right? Here we go.

Purchasing managers index craters to the lowest level since 2009? WTF? Let’s buy industrial stocks !!!

The dollar continues to crash, WTF? Let’s buy more stocks !!!

Get it? I do. WTF? Bubble!

We are in the third bubble in the last decade. First was the internut bubble. Everything crashed. Then came the housing bubble. Everything crashed. Now it is the WTF bubble? Everything will crash.

All I can say for now is WTF? How about you?


6 Responses to We Are In the WTF? Bubble

  1. Jimi on June 1, 2011 at 12:12 am

    WTF indeed.

    In college, I was a Classics minor. You know: study History, learn from History. And I remember reading Suetonius’ “Twelve Caesers”:

    You’re 21 years old, earnest, trying to figure shit out. And you’re reading this book about a vast, rich empire passing its zenith and stumbling into, well, the history books.

    So, I read this thing, and I keep thinking, “WTF were these idiots thinking?! And how the hell did they permit this madness to occur?! How was this insanity casually embraced as normality?! Couldn’t they foresee the inevitable result?!”

    And now, 20-something years later, I look around the country, and WTF is seemingly pursued as honorable goal. That’s what I meant this morning on IDS when I wrote about “fumes & delusion.” Sometimes you look around, and it just hits you like a pillowcase full of bricks.


    It’s what we’ve been reduced to.
    It’s all we’ve got left.

  2. Ag's Nightmare on June 1, 2011 at 12:26 am


    I agree…WTF. You can do everything right and still end up saying WTF happened? Why does the douche bag who uses people succeed? Why do people care about what they do struggle? WTF?

    And we are in a WTF Bubble….A WTF society….

    WTF is AZO doing trading 300 without a correction in 10 years when their parking lots are empty?

    Yup. WTF

    Spread the word….

  3. Robot Trader on June 1, 2011 at 12:53 am

    Absolutely hilarious Ags….

    Yet another “Shampoo” pattern that is supposed to break down but instead morphs into a John Holmes boner rally fueled by the month end happy print.

    Just look at all the J-Lo bottoms on KLAC, AAPL, SNDK on the 15-min. charts today.

  4. What_to_Believe on June 1, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Don’t Worry, Be Wealthy: Easiest Time Ever to Make Millions, Author Siebold Says


  5. checkthisout on June 2, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Ags.

  6. Jacob on July 17, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Umm. the elephant doesnt have an extra leg. Thats its penis!

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