Pigs at the Tech Trough..Vulture Capitalist Swine..No AG pics

June 2, 2011

If you noticed during this weeks TONY DOW decline, fantasy companies and triple digit pieces of sheet continued to get a bid. A stock like Nutflix for the Dog Ball reason even though Hulu bagged Mirimax.

Look at a stock like Crapple, because Steve Jobs said the word cloud and is still healthy. Wheeee! He is going to say “cloud on Monday!”

In addition, the vulture capitalist pigs were swirling like the tornado that hit Springfield Massachusetts.

On the other hand, out in California this week, worthless thought bubble companies frantically tried to market their worthless concepts to society by shoveling millions of shares of IPO trash down the public’s throat while insiders sit bug eyed waiting to dump their shares into the opening tick. Yes, we suck a lot.

This California Baja Tech conference is a another Scamerica ponzi. It’s a fraud. All of it. Every person involved and every I Nut company. If I need coupons, it hits the mail. To this day I have never used Amazon even though I wanted one of those stand up things George Bush Jr. wiped out on in London. What was it called? The Scoobee?

This week was our thought bubble manufacturing base at work stealing billions of dollars from Uncle Ben while our real manufacturing base collapsed.

This is capitalism? Hey! Kudlow! Leave those kids alone. Liver lips was on his boat this week.

This morning I saw that some douche bag on Crapvision that was recruiting 20 year old high school kids to blow off college to become the next Face Crook. Didn’t know what to think since failure is rewarded in society so I watched more even though the guy was punchable. Matter of fact I wished I had a one wild swing at the prick.

Then I thought? Did we give up on how to think? Seriously. An advocate to tell kids fark education and get rich selling some POS Crapple application that makes teenagers with epilepsy go into convulsions? How about texting teen drivers that have a meeting with a cement road pillar?

Keep it coming California, our kids brains will be Quaker Oats porridge in five years.

We suck. We suck a lot. We really really suck

That brings me to the vulture capitalist pigs who are already worth billions and will likely double their net worth on worthless pieces of shit in the coming months.

To preface my thoughts, as a high school teacher, our kids are so addicted to their farking phones right now, I am waiting for the ap that wipes their ass and blows their nose.

We are self destructing as a society due to technology, not advancing.

If we are so awesome, why haven’t we cured cancer? But we can manufacture something like a cell phone that gives us cancer right?

Tomorrow we get the Crouton or Boo Ton IPO. Frigging company is burning through cash faster than shit through a goose yet with it’s 100 million or so in sales is valued in the billions.

Foulk me.

Or how about this pig at the trough. Mr Netscrape that started or actually was the father of our bubbles (Jackass who’s web browser blows). Actually, all three of them. Mark AndreImakemoneyoffyourstupidityson. This guy is (in my opinion) a dirt bag. Mr. Netscrape.

Check this crap out.

“First, we can’t be in a tech bubble because everyone thinks we’re in a tech bubble. “A key characteristic of a bubble is that no one thinks its a bubble,” he said, citing the euphoria in 1999. ”

Really? The whole world knows we are either in a bubble or not. Not in a bubble? Blow me.

“If everybody’s upset, it’s a good sign…I hope there are lots of bubble stories.” Second, he said we’re not in a bubble because the stock market isn’t behaving that way. He noted that the price-to-earnings ratios for some of the most successful tech companies were very reasonable, citing Apple, Microsoft and Cisco’s p/e ratios.

OK Mark, I will explain it to you. During the first mania, MSFT and CSCO spilt their shares too many times and now are effectively an army jeep spinning it’s wheel in a swamp. Also Why do you think Crapple is 350? Yup…the float.

As for everybody is upset? Yes because dicks like you just made billions more on IPO’s worth a sheet of toilet paper and you are already filthy rich. I have a question for you. Why? What is your motive. Face Crook, I Crouton? Do you have fetishes?

This guy is a vulture capitalist pig.

As for Crouton or whatever they do. Check out these financials.

In Q1 2011, Groupon earned $644.7 million in revenue, but it still wasn’t enough to make Groupon profitable. It lost $102.7 million in Q1 2011.

    “Groupon has raised $1.12 billion so far in venture funding from a $6.8 million Series A, a $30 million Series B, a $135 million Series C and a $950 Series D.”

    Guess who has a piece of this piece of shit and will be selling when it opens? Mr. we can’t be in a bubble.

    OK. I am done venting. This thought bubble bullshit going on in California is crap. I have seen first hand the glow of cell phones in a high school class room during an economics class.

    You see, the law is since Columbine and 911, kids are allowed to have cell phones in the class and they abuse the crap out of them.

    I give it 5 or 10 years before kids brains turn into a steaming bowl of Quaker Oats due to Scoupon or Ding Dang or cloud crap.

    We are definitely heading down a dangerous path. How prophetic will the movie Wall-E be in 10 years?

    No pictures on this one. The first ever for an Ag’s post.

    We suck a lot. Yuck
    I am going to sleep.


2 Responses to Pigs at the Tech Trough..Vulture Capitalist Swine..No AG pics

  1. Jane on June 6, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Yep the future is now – did you see, Gov Chris Christie is next going to have the State of NJ order some of those floating seats from Wall-E so he can go to his son’s baseball games and meetings with donors. Can’t wait for the IPO on the floating chair company, it will be worth trillions!

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