Tepper to get Tepid Tomorrow?

January 20, 2011

When the market took off like a bat out of hell after apple bobbing at Tony Dow 10,000 a few months back, it was David Tepper the Hedge Hog guru who was pumping his book that helped light the Helo Ben money printing quantitative evil rally.

Tepper’s sound bites were driven into the heads of the American public on CNBS almost every hour. The yelping was enough to make the notorious propaganda slime-ball Goebbels proud and convinced Lost Money tail pipe chasers like Eddie Joe Terror Nova and John “Ming” Ninja Turtle to buy calls on anything with a heartbeat.

Tepper said buy. So you must buy.

Well, in between millisecond Crapvision sound bites today, I heard Tepper was coming on tomorrow to talk his hedge hog book again and apparently he is getting cautious. On what and to what degree is yet unknown but I am sure he is positioned short whatever he hates and will get a forum to promote his genius again making him billions more.

If you ain’t cautious now you are blind. Margin compression, CEO changes, overvaluation of the biggest pigs in the market, rigging, etc.

It’s getting close to Revenge of the TURDS time. Basically the moment in market history when the Jimmy Jones Cramer CANDIES DEPENDS and UNDIES portfolios blow up like the Hindenburg and he starts buying Clorox and ignoring the crap he said to recently buy. The theory is you will lose money more slowly in Clorox than FFIV. It’s the Cramer cop out trade.

In between Cramer’s spitting and gurgling today, he had the Sky High concept stock CEO on his carnival show claiming the smart phone tsunami is in the second inning.

See fiber optic cable. Remember Glow Worm pre-split at 340 being in the first inning? Point is doesn’t everyone already have a foulking phone?

We will see tomorrow if the Tepper effect knocks the Tony DOW down 15 points or we will continue to rally even though only rich people are making money and everyone is out of work.

Though it was not publicized much by the Devil Channel, watch these dicks take it down for a while.

If Tepper says so, he must win.

Remember, this guy below will never sell. He is a dipper.


One Response to Tepper to get Tepid Tomorrow?

  1. Ag's Nightmare on January 21, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    I guess Tepper is! Wheeeeeeee!

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