Dislocation Dead Ahead

November 3, 2010

It’s inevitable. What will cause it? It’s a guess, just like everything else in the stock market. You ride a hot streak at the craps table too long and you end up broke. Same with bubbles which Bennie and the Jets are forever blowing.

Have you ever seen a dislocated body part? I have. Fingers, ankles, knee caps, elbows and shoulders. Ugliest thing I have ever seen and most of the time the victim goes into shock just by looking at his joint pointing east or west when it’s supposed to be pointing north. It sucks and that is what the global financial system is headed for. I may the dumbest person East of the Mississippi but I have been around long enough to know you can’t turn a steaming heap of dog poo into bar of gold.

As we move on from all the QE 2 crap, we can now look forward to the Steve Lies-man QE 3 handicapping into the next quarter. That is if an economic dislocation doesn’t occur that forces these Fed pin heads out of the box they are in.

“Well you see what the Fed really means is you should think what I am going to say what they really mean if you know what I mean.” Will someone put Lies-man in a row boat and launch him from the shores of Alcatraz?

Today the Fed predictably jumped the shark again and is dead set on implementing some wacko plan (I don’t think they know what they are doing anymore) even if inflation data laughs in the face of the fake shit they puke out in their releases. Oil breaking out, cotton selling at Civil War prices, corporate margins beginning to get squeezed due to rising production costs. Wtf do these people do at their meetings.

“OK. Turn the lights off please. Please hold hands. Uhmmmm.”


“OK it’s a trillion. What’s for lunch.”

And you know what they are going to do to celebrate? Go to frigging Jekyll Island to celebrate 100 years of theft. As I have said before in previous posts, who the hell are these guys and why do they have so much power?

I like breakout session below a lot. The Beardstown Ladies spot bubbles quicker than these dopes.

Session 8—The Future Role of the Federal Reserve System
“Two Models of Land Overvaluation and Their Implications”

This session explores two distinct models of the overvaluation of assets such as land and evaluates appropriate policy responses to the two types of overvaluation.

Paper presenter: Narayana Kocherlakota, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Discussant: Anil Kashyap, Professor of Economics and Finance, University of Chicago
Moderator: Eric Rosengren, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Screw these pricks. I hope the Island sinks.

My hunch is that sometime before Bens next butt blast of money next quarter, some foreign buyer of our crappy debt is going to say enough and blow Ben’s economic lab experiment to pieces. Some kind of dislocation will occur to alter the course of our beloved War on Currencies. The mad men at the Fed continue to use us, the American people, as lab rats.

When the dislocation occurs, it will look like one of those as putrid incidents such as Robin Venturas dislocated ankle when he was playing for the Chicago White Sox. His foot did a 360 degree turn that ended up saying hello to the Budweiser vendor in the left field bleachers.

Also when will it become bad instead of good for stocks as the dollar continues to crash? 70? When will someone like China say eff you pay me and stop buying our Treasury debt causing the 10 and 30 year bonds to implode over night? Joe six pack is going to wake up some morning and have no clue what hell is going on because CNBS told us stocks are cheap and selling at 12 times moral hazard.

All I see is universal bullishness, rabid pundits and clowns talking about discounting future growth until the year 2100. We’ll never make it past six months. When this blows the Fed won’t be able to catch a fart in a space suit.They will be done as there is nothing else they can do. All the Fed is doing is feeding a drug addicts fix. It can’t stop.

I found it ironic that right before todays Fed announcement, the President and the new majority leader were talking about fiscal responsibility.

Then fifteen minutes later we get an ass blast of another $800 Billion or whatever it was. Who the hell knows anymore? In the meantime, watch out for the knee cap that ends up in your shin.


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